Instagram has had millions of users since it joined Facebook's infrastructure in 2012. As of today, Instagram has more than 1.28 billion active users.
Instagram is a social networking application that is used the most compared to other social networks and has more interaction than other networks. Instagram is also a social network that creates the most interaction compared to other social networks. When you look at the rate of interactions and the number of followers on the posts you popped on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you can easily see that the highest rate is on Instagram.

So when do users use Instagram the most?

  • When relaxing at home
  • When traveling or on vacation
  • In bed before going to sleep
  • When meeting with friends and relatives
  • When they go to cafes, bars and restaurants

The purpose of users to use Instagram is;

  • Following celebrities
  • Sharing what they do during the day on their accounts
  • Being aware of what their friends or users they follow
  • Sharing their passions and tastes
  • Following popular cultures
  • Making use of their free time

While most users have made social media a part of their daily life, most users also use social media for their business accounts. Users with business accounts on Instagram want their accounts to be more prominent than other Instagram users. They are doing their best to have their accounts in the featured ones. Well, don't you want your business account to be prominent? I will tell you how to stay in the foreground on Instagram. If you have a business account or want your personal account to grow, you can read what I said carefully.

1- Using location tags in your posts

By using location tags in the posts you share on your Instagram accounts, you will guide other Instagram users to access your posts more easily. Using a location tag in your posts means that your post will reach more people. When you use the cities and countries that are mentioned the most in the posts you share, or use the location of your city as a tag, you can make it easier for people around you to reach you. According to a study, content with a location tag gets 79% more engagement than content without a location tag.

2- Using hastags on instagram

The application that is most suitable and useful for the patients is the Instagram application. Compared to other social networks, the hashtag that creates the most interaction and is used the most is Instagram. According to a study, we can easily see that brands take advantage of this opportunity, because 75% of brands use hashtags on Instagram. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags in the content you will share. You can create a lot of interaction using 30 hashtags, but from the outside you can look amateurish. Because big games are going on on hasag' on Instagram. For example, some users are developing software that follows the account that likes and shares all the content shared with the #fashion tag. This software also applies to hundreds of tags such as #fashion tag. So if you use 30 tags in your post, you can get a lot of likes and also gain followers.
According to a study, it shows that the content with the highest interaction is the content with 6,7 and 8 hashtags. If you use more hashtags, it may be perceived as spam on my Instagram and your interaction may be dropped. One of my advices to you is to use your posts from the most used hashtags related to the sector you are in. Thanks to the tags you use, you can get positive results from your posts. For example, if you have posts about the fashion industry, you can search for the most used hashtags in the fashion industry and use them in your post.

3- Increasing the number of followers of your account and growing our audience

On Instagram, many users are looking for clues on how their account should rise quickly. At the same time, they want to see the number of followers of their accounts high, and they try many alternatives for this. These alternatives include buying followers.

So why buy followers?

People spend more than half of their daily lives actively on social media. Although new social media platforms are constantly being added, the most used social media application of recent days is by far Instagram. While most users use their Instagram account personally, most users use it as a business account. Our users who want to increase the number of followers of their accounts can easily examine our follower packages on our instafollow.org website and purchase them safely. By purchasing followers for their accounts, users can grow their accounts faster and easier than their competitors.

Does buying followers on Instagram contribute to my business account?

Absolutely yes, buying followers on Instagram affects your business account by 62%. So what are these effects? Let me tell you briefly. The high number of followers of your business account is greatly affected by your customers. Most customers care more about the number of followers than the content of the business account, after all, if you have an account with 100-400 followers, if your followers are low compared to other business accounts, why would the customer choose you? It is much easier to follow accounts with high followers in terms of human psychology. To build your potential followers, you need to build up some base followers for your business account. Although some Instagram accounts attract our attention and interest, we do not follow them because the number of followers is low. You can review our packages on our website to save your business account from this situation.

Will I share my password when purchasing followers?

No, we never ask you to enter a password or any application to buy followers for your Instagram account. When buying followers, all you have to do is share your username with us and your profile should not be private.

We only sell my follower?

No, of course, there are many alternatives for you on our website. This alternative includes not only Instagram but also Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Telegram and many social media applications. There are many alternatives to these applications on our website. Since our current topic is on Instagram, I would like to inform you about which alternatives are available on Instagram.

What we do for the instagram application on our website;

  • Followers purchase packages
  • Like purchase packages
  • Video watch packages
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