Terms of Use

Dear visitor of our site, thank you for choosing our Instafollow site managed by MOY GROUP. It is very important that you read our terms of use agreement carefully. From the moment you access the site, it will be assumed that you have accepted this agreement. For this reason, you are expected to comply with the terms and conditions contained in the terms of use. If you do not agree to a condition contained in the agreement, you are expected to exit the site. You must terminate your access to the site. However, if your access to the site continues, in this case you will be considered to have accepted all the terms and conditions. Our contract is expressed to you with the details. 


https://instafollow.org // our website is managed by Instafollow and is a website. The terms of use of the site have been created in accordance with international requirements and are referred to as Instafollow. The right to make changes to the terms of use belongs to Instafollow and the changes will be announced to the residents of the site. The changes will be communicated as of today and it is assumed that our users have accepted these changes at this time. All terms and conditions made before, all terms and conditions made now and after will be accepted. Revision information is located at the bottom of the site and changes should be followed. It is the user's request and preference to follow the changes.

Age Limits

People who want to use the Instafollow site must be at least 18 years old. From the moment you log in to the Site, it will be considered that you confirm that you are 18 years old or over 18 years old. If you want to log in to this site, you must have a parent or guardian who accepts the same terms and conditions. As soon as you enter the site, you can use the site together with this legal guardian or guardian. 


After entering the site, users are responsible for all problems that may occur to them. Instafollow is not a question of any possible problems or losses. You cannot upload all problems that may occur during the use of the site to the Instafollow site or to any person associated with the site. Problems that may occur in the use of the site are related to the site as long as they are caused by the site. The site is not responsible for situations where people do not fulfill the terms and conditions. Therefore, read the terms and conditions in detail. We do not have any compensation obligations and any possible damage cannot be paid to us. The laws of the Republic of Turkey are applied for all dispute resolution. Our head office is located in Istanbul and in case of a dispute, the process will be conducted by the Courts of the Istanbul Courthouse.


The Instafollow website belongs to our company and the administrative center of our MOY GROUP company is Istanbul Turkey. Our company confines the personal information of customers and keeps them. There are several reasons for this. Membership is one of them. We activate people's accounts by storing their membership information. Membership information includes user name, company information, phone number and e-mail address. Thanks to the information we store, we send you campaign information. Detailed information about discounts and recent changes is transmitted by this method. Errors that may occur during the service and purchase are also transmitted with this information. We aim to expand our company and our website by providing you with statistics and surveys in the long term. For this purpose, we provide your personal information. We have the right to scale the information of our customers. However, it is not possible to share this information with third parties or institutions. There are exceptional circumstances. You can read these terms at the end of the article. Except for these conditions, if the information of our members is accessed by strangers, we will assume the responsibility in this case. 


All texts, graphics, designs, images and more on our Instafollow site belong to us. All of the contents belong to us and our company and all their rights are reserved. It is forbidden to steal, copy and reproduce the content of our website without written permission. All the original qualities of our site have been obtained as a result of long studies and the necessary procedures will be applied in case of possible theft. 

Security Policy and General Provisions

The terms of use provide a lot of information about the security policy. Within the scope of the concept of security policy, all the information that people enter during membership and at the time of paying is protected by us and is not shared with third parties and their institutions. E-mail information is also protected by our website. Within the scope of our privacy policy, e-mail information is not shared with third parties. We do not have a mail order system.  The persons who enter our website within the scope of the general provisions of our website accept that they will act in accordance with the law throughout the site. They indicate that they will use our site for purely personal purposes. At the same time, they also agree that they will not do anything that will affect the rights of third parties. The responsibilities of all the transactions made by the people on the site belong to them. If the people who enter the site are harmed by a third party, the site will not be responsible for this. There may be some hyperlinks directed to third parties and institutions on our site. However, we do not accept responsibility for the contents of these sites. We try to keep the site free of viruses, but we do not guarantee that there are no viruses on our site. We do not take responsibility for virus problems that you will experience while downloading certain information from our site or accessing our site. We may terminate the services and contents of the site without notifying the site users and we may access the site at any time. 

Pay Security

You need to pay when purchasing packages via Instafollow. We offer money transfer and credit card options for these payments. Instafollow customers' credit card information is secured thanks to SSL and 3D secure systems. Those who prefer to pay money transfer during the payment process can transfer money to the company's bank account. There are also PayPal, PayTR and Western Union options for international customers. The paying process is accelerated with online paying options. VISA and MasterCard are accepted for people who want to pay by credit card. Your credit card information cannot be accessed by both our employees and customer service. The SSL security system protects these cards. 


The payback process has conditions and should be read in detail. There is only one possibility to get paid back. If you have ordered a package within 3 days, but we have not paid within 3 days, you can get a refund in this case. In other cases, payback cannot be given. That is, after the delivery has reached you, it is not possible to pay a refund and take the delivery back.  If orders are now included in the queue system or if the order is being processed, then order rejection and payback cannot be made. However, if the order has not been accepted yet, a refund can be paid in this case. The return policy is important to us and we provide customer satisfaction in this way. 

The Use Of Cookies

The cookies contained on our Instafollow site are also included in many sites. Cookies both make the page stand out and elevate the service. Therefore, the use of cookies is widespread. With cookies, it is possible to find out what visitors are doing on the page and where they come from. Cookies are important in terms of keeping statistics and are therefore preferred.

Exceptional Conditions

In addition to all the conditions we have specified, there are exceptional cases. The company has the right to make changes and reserves this right. If the customer's information is requested by the official authorities, this information is provided. In the case of legal obligations, this information is shared with authorized persons. At the same time, it will be possible to make some changes for the customer's safety. 

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