Top 20 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

Top 20 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

The Youtube application has been a very popular application since the early 2000s. The Youtube application, which is used all over the world, attracts attention with its billions of accounts. The Youtube application is always updating itself and is still among the most popular applications thanks to this. Youtube is a very popular application and therefore it also contains many popular accounts. Many people are wondering about the most popular accounts on Youtube. You can continue reading our content to learn about the top 20 most subscribed outube channels…

1. T-Series
The most popular account of the Youtube application is T-Series. The T-Series account has 233 million subscribers and is an India-based channel. At the same time, the T-Series channel is included in the music category. T-Series is actually a record label and artists who make pop music are featured here. The videos are translated into all languages of the world. Thanks to this, the channel addresses many countries.

2. Cocomelon
Cocomelon is a channel that comes out in the United States and is a children's channel. Cocomelon, which has 151 million followers, is an English language channel. This channel, which children are interested in, is in the 2nd place among the 20 most followed Youtube accounts. There are animation videos, traditional children's songs on the channel.

3. Sony Entertainment Television India
Sony Entertainment Television India has 150 million subscribers. Sony Entertainment Television India is the second Indian channel to be included in the list, and it is Hindi language. It is a very fast growing channel and there are many shows on the channel. It is a channel that allows to get information about the Indian show business.

4. MrBeast
The MrBeast channel is a channel established in the United States. It is not a brand's channel and it is a personalized channel. The MrBeast channel has 128 million subscribers and its language is English. It is an entertainment channel and the founder of the channel is Jimmy Donaldson. Jimmy Donaldson has grown and expanded the channel for many years. The most popular video is the Squid Game video.

5. PewDiePie
PewDiePie is a Youtube channel with 111 million subscribers. PewDiePie is a game channel and an English language channel. PewDiePie is a Swedish based channel and has been included in well-known YouTube channels for many years. PewDiePie is among the first names that come to mind when Youtube is mentioned and he is loved by both women and men.

6. Kids Diana Show
Kids Diana Show is a Youtube account with 106 million followers. Kids Diana Show is a channel of Ukrainian origin and a TV series is featured on the channel. This TV series features a girl named Diana and a boy named Roma. The YouTube channel, which offers advantages for children's education, hosts many fun activities.

7. Like Nastya
The Like Nastya channel is a channel with 103 million subscribers. It is an English language channel and the origin of the channel is the United States of America. The Like Nastya channel tell about both Nastya and Nastya's family. There are many videos such as family activities together and Nastya's toys.

8. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
WWE has 92.7 million followers. It is the first sports channel on the list and is an English. Wrestling games are featured on the channel and both women and men wrestle. It is the first prominent channel for sports channel lovers.

9. Vlad and Niki
Vlad and Niki have 92.5 million subscribers. It is the Youtube channel of the brothers Vladislav Vashketov and Nikita Vaskhetov, and the two brothers live in Miami. Popular children's channels seem to have taken over Youtube's list of the most popular channels.

10. Zee Music Company
Zee Music Company has 91.4 million subscribers. It is an Indian channel and it is a channel that has become famous as a music channel. Originating from India, the channel offers Hindi songs. There are many different channels in the list of the 20 Youtube channels with the most subscribers. 

11. Blackpink 83,9 million subscriber

12Goldmines 81 million subscriber

135-Minute Crafts 78,5 million subscriber

14Sony SAB 76,2 million subscriber

15BangtanTV 73,1 million subscriber

16Justin Bieber 70,8 million subscriber

17Hybe Labels 69,6 million subscriber

18Canal KondZilla 66,3 million subscriber

19Zee TV 65,3 million subscriber

20Pinkfong 64,4 million subscriber

Among the top 20 most subscribed Youtube channels, entertainment channels and music channels are pretty intense. At the same time, children's channels are ranked at the top among the channels that attract attention.